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How Do I Avoid Bad Tenants?

You can prevent your property from being occupied and destroyed by “scammer” Tenants. Having learned from experience, here are potential red flags.

  • The Tenant has cash and wants the property in a very short period of time.
  • Avoid Tenants who need a deep discount on the rent or who need to put the security deposit on a payment plan.
  • Create a Detailed Rental Ad, stating the applicant will under go an intensive background check.
  • Charge the correct rent-if you charge too little, it shows your lack of skill as a landlord. If you charge too much, good renters will go elsewhere while bad renters will come knowing they won’t pay. To get your home priced correctly,call Paramount Realty Solutions for help.
  • Don’t let people know you are desperate or have had a long vacancy in the home.
  • Meet face to face.
  • Keep your home in great, tidy shape between tenants. This shows tenants you are involved and care for your property and signals them you will be watching over it.
  • Beware the “bait and switch”. Often family members with good credit will qualify and then try to give a sob story their sister’s brothers’ best friend’s cousin needs to be a room mate without adding their name to the rental agreement or background check. This can spell trouble for the landlord.
  • Get their information verified. Check an ID and pay stubs along with a rental application that gives you permission to verify background information
  • Finally, beware of Tenants who can’t seem to find the documents you need for your application review. Make it necessary for anyone applying to have these items or they can’t qualify, no matter the sob story presented.

Other questions? Need help navigating the flood of applications for your property? That is what Paramount Realty Solutions is here for! We can manage and take care of all your rental property needs quickly and efficiently-while you just site back and collect your rent check! Contact us today to learn more about our Triangle Area Rental Property Management Services

How Do I Avoid Bad Tenants?

Avoid Scammer Tenants

Save money by learning how to spot a Professional Scammer Tenant.

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