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How Do I Avoid Bad Tenants?

After approving almost 600 tenants in last five years with just 2 evictions here are some tips about screening criteria:

  • Good credit scores do not automatically qualify tenants
  • Verify income is sufficient to support debt and rent payments on tenants with good credit scores.
  • Get paycheck stubs then run an internet search to validate the business
  • Bad credit scores do automatically disqualify tenants.
  • We do not approve applicants who have filed for bankruptcy in the last 3 years.
  • Check criminal history. Use a tool that provides national coverage rather than just your state.
  • Fair Housing laws apply to everyone. Follow the law and common sense when checking criminal history.
  • Discount Landlord verifications when the Landlord is a family member or friend.
  • Single applications that list 2 cars suggest the need to inquire about additional applicants.
  • Every adult who intends to live at the property should complete a separate application.
  • Use a pet screening tool that distinguishes service animals and emotional support animals from pets

Need help navigating the tenant screening process? We offer a stand-alone service where we can locate a qualified tenant but offer a discount if you combine the tenant location service with our month management plan. Contact us today to learn more about our Raleigh Area Rental Property Management Services.

How Do I Avoid Bad Tenants?

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