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Who Is Paramount Realty Solutions? Raleigh, NC Property Management

System - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Paramount Realty Solutions provides property management in Raleigh, NC landlords and investors can trust. The purpose of today’s blog is to tell you more about who we are. Our company supports the Raleigh, North Carolina market as well as the popular surrounding towns of Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Morrisville, and the community with the funny-sounding name of Fuquay-Varina. At Paramount Realty Solutions, we offer our clients a Tenant Locator Guarantee and a Tenant Replacement Guarantee.

Business and Real Estate Experience

I have 25-plus years of experience in the insurance business, which concluded with Executive Vice President roles inside and outside the home office of the nation’s third largest privately held insurance company. I’ve always had an interest in real estate, and in 2006 when I began to explore career change opportunities, I found myself looking for opportunities to buy and hold rental property. Throughout the crash and the struggling real estate market, we were fortunately able to maintain a steady and reliable investment strategy. Once I had acquired enough rental properties, it made sense to start a Raleigh property management company that could support my own acquisitions as well as the investments of the general public. 

Property Management in Raleigh

Paramount Realty Solutions is now one of the largest property management companies in Raleigh, NC. We are a locally managed firm, and we focus on the trends and demands of the local market. My hands-on experience has resulted in helping landlords successfully hold rental property to gain long term value. We have also been very successful in helping retiring
landlords sell their homes for big equity gains. The key to success in our company and with our clients is consistency. We make sure to have a strict adherence to our property management system, which properly maintains rental properties and allows us to consistently acquire high quality tenants.

Please contact us at Paramount Realty Solutions to learn more about our Raleigh property management system.

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